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nextimage Firefox Extension

Posted 2004 Dec 19

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner… I’ve updated my nextimage Firefox extension for Firefox 1.0. Here’s the blurb:

A handy little extension for automatically incrementing (numerical) image URLs, allowing you to make your own “ad hoc” image gallery.

As many have noted, this functionality in fact works for any numeric URL. I have sent multiple emails to the Extension Room regarding this and my other extension, but have yet to receive a reply. So, in the meantime, here it is:

Download: [nextimage.xpi]

Responses to "nextimage Firefox Extension"


2004 Dec 20 at 21:02


I like your plugin but am having some difficulties using it with a FTP site that needs a username/password. When I clicked on “next image”, it would try to open the file using anon access into the FTP site; and that wasnt allowed.So I wonder if you could extend your plugin so it would accept urls that look like this: ftp://UNAME:PWD@

Then I wonder if it is possible to assign certain keys, so i can use shortcuts to jump forward and backward?


2004 Dec 21 at 03:50

Updated. Shift-RightArrow and Shift-LeftArrow now increment and decrement, respectively. I’ll have to look into the ftp URL issue, though.

Download: nextimage.xpi


2005 Apr 05 at 21:30

Kudos for the extesion, quite handy! Too bad the keys Shift-RightArrow and Shift-LeftArrow are also used in Firefox for easy text-selection, resulting in 404’s… Maybe CTRL-Shift-LeftArrow would resolve this isue?

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