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Growl Notifications for Firefox

Posted 2005 Mar 16

Against my better judgement, I’m releasing my Growl plugin for Firefox. This software is nothing more than a Hack. Be forewarned that it requires a Firefox nightly build (here) and Growl 0.6. Unfortunately, there is no way to set the minimum version requirement to 1.0+, so if you try running this under Firefox 1.0 you will just get an ugly error. With all that being said, enjoy:

Download: [growl.xpi]Requires Firefox Nightly Build

Responses to "Growl Notifications for Firefox"


2006 Jan 25 at 19:59

Has there been any recent update to this plugin? I have the latest versions of Growl and Firefox, but instead of getting a Growl notification, Firefox displays an error box mentioning a Growl notification in usr/local/bin


2006 Jan 30 at 14:59

Do you have “growlnotify” installed? The plugin, unfortunately, requires that the Growl addon, “growlnotify”, be installed. It comes with the standard Growl distribution, but must be installed separately.

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