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Firefox Extensions versus IE add-ins

Posted 2005 Apr 13

I’ll admit it: I often find myself in disagreement with Preston Gralla. In his latest post he states:

One major advantage that Internet Explorer has had over Firefox is the ecosystem of add-ins and developers that have sprung up around it.

Where have you been, dear Preston? I’m pretty sure O’Reilly’s resident Windows-phile accidentally transposed IE and Firefox in that sentence, because Firefox has always had a tremendous extension community! I should know, I wrote my first extension two years ago. Of course, at that time Firefox was known as Phoenix, but even then and were thriving.

In fact, the original appeal of Firefox was that it was Mozilla stripped-down to the essentials, but infinitely extensible via XUL and its extensions architecture. While I applaud Preston for recognizing one of Firefox’s big strengths, I think credit belongs where credit is due.

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