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Greasemonkey for Kingdom of Loathing

Posted 2005 May 13

I’ve jumped on the latest bandwagon and written a Greasemonkey script for everyone’s favorite addiction web-based game, Kingdom of Loathing. In the initial release, I’ve injected support for access keys, so that you can play more of KOL using the keyboard. If you’ve every been suck in the Orc Chasm, you know how repetitive it can be to click “Use Item” over and over—just to read the dictionary!!!

It’s not as keyboard-friendly as NetHack, but it’s a start.

Visit the project page for more information and the download.

Responses to "Greasemonkey for Kingdom of Loathing"


2005 Nov 10 at 15:36

well, i need clan membs on kol and its hard, anyways, hes rite, its addidctive, peacie, im outie!


2005 Dec 14 at 14:18

hi all, i left my clan and im sorry!

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