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ThisWindow Firefox Plugin Updated

Posted 2005 Sep 14

Whew. All of my plugins are up-to-date and compatible with Firefox 1.5 beta. This Window required a very small change, but it is ready for use with the new Firefox. Have at it!

Responses to "ThisWindow Firefox Plugin Updated"


2005 Sep 20 at 19:33

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work now under FireFox version 1.6.

I tried using it several times, and it didn’t work.



2005 Sep 24 at 12:13

Strange. I’ll download 1.6 and check it out. Sorry for the incompatibility!

Robert H Tharp

2005 Nov 28 at 21:47

November 28, 2005


I have trashed Firefox 1.0.7 to test Firefox 1.5. When I restore 1.0.7, I have found that “open in this window” does not work using your current version. The context menu does show “Open in This Window”, but when I click it, nothing happens. So show me an earlier version that I can use.

Thank you for listening.


2005 Nov 28 at 23:15

I have updated thiswindow and it should be compatible with older versions of Firefox. Please let me know if it is not.


2005 Dec 24 at 15:54

Hello, I found that ThisWindow is incompatable with DP 1.6a1. Look for the trap. Thanks


2006 Jan 26 at 18:34


I just downloaded Firefox and when trying to install ThisWindow, FF told me that it was incompatible. I feel that this extension should be part of the Firefox package. Thank you for your support.


2006 Jan 30 at 14:58

I will try to get it updated ASAP. I don’t if it’s possible to set the max version to “anything greater than…”. Updating the extension for every minor release seems unnecessary.

Thanks for your patience.


2006 Jan 31 at 15:24

Thanks for your response to my request from January 26. To me, ThisWindow more than a trivial extension.


2006 Jan 31 at 19:41

I have updated the extension. You should be able to get it via “Find Updates” (Tools -> Extensions).

If it doesn’t work, please let me know!

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