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Updated: Regularly Version: (see github)

bbot is the Rails blog engine that powers this site.

Rbot Plugins

Updated: 2006 November Version: N/A

rbot is an Ruby IRC bot. I have developed numerous plugins, most of which are now included in the distribution. They are also available here.

Cocoa Textile

Updated: 2005 January 23 Version: 0.5

CocoaTextile is a Textile Editor for Mac OS X. Using CocoaTextile, Textile and Markdown can be used to convert plain text to XHTML. Includes all the standard Mac text editing capabilites (e.g. spell-checking, multi-level undo, etc.) and an HTML preview and source view.

Firefox Extension: Next Image

Updated: 2008 June 23 Version: 0.10

A handy little extension for automatically incrementing (numerical) image URLs, allowing you to make your own “ad hoc” image gallery.

Firefox Extension: This Window

Updated: 2008 June 23 Version: 0.8

A pretty trivial extension that adds the ability to force a window to open in the current window. This is helpful if you don’t want to open another browser window.

Firefox Extension: Growl Notifications

Updated: 2007 April 29 Version: 0.6

Enables download complete notifications through Growl.
Requires Firefox 1.5 or greater. Compatible with Firefox 2.0.

Buddy Spotlight

Updated: 2005 May 15 Version: 0.1

Buddy Spotlight integrates iChat and Spotlight allowing you to search for online iChat buddies with Spotlight. Simply run Buddy Spotlight and when iChat is online, your buddies will show up in Spotlight. Selecting a buddy in Spotlight will immediately start a new conversation. That means you can start conversations with them from the Spotlight menu, perform queries on which buddies are online or integrate iChat into your workflow!

Kingdom of Loathing Grease Monkey

Updated: 2005 May 13 Version: N/A

Current Features
  • Adds keyboard navigation to the adventure and combat pages
Planned Features
  • Add Keyboard Shortcut “panel”
  • Display more information (e.g. effects of current moon phases, etc.)
Action Key[1]
Adventure Again a
Go Back to … b
Attack with … a
Use Item i
Use Skill s
Run Away r

1 All commands are Access Keys, so you will need to press ALT+key or Ctrl+key

Quicksilver Weather Plugin

Updated: 2005 November 08 Version: beta2

Plugin for Quicksilver provides quick access to current weather conditions (including temperature, wind,visibility and conditions summary) via the NOAA XML-based web services. Updated for beta44


Updated: N/A Version: 0.2

Pytego is a two-player, cross-platform, networked clone of the classic boardgame “Stratego” from Milton Bradley. It is developed using Python, PyGame and SDL. It’s out-of-date and probably doesn’t work, but is included here for posterity.

NetHack Patch

Updated: N/A Version: affected file src/botlc.

This patch colors the Hp monitor at the status line with the tty interface. If your Hp is lower than maxhp but more than 2/3 of max, it is shown green. If it is less than that, but more than 1/3 of max, it is yellow. If it’s less than 1/3 of max, the color is red. And with values less than 1/10 of max, it is highlighted, blinking or whatever your screen shows with the ATR_BLINK attribute.

#define HPMON in include/config.h to activate the patch.

Checked against 3.4.1 ; Bones / save files NOT affected.


Updated: N/A Version: 0.1

DieRollerApp is a KDE application that simulates rolling the standard D&D dice (e.g. d4, d6, d20, etc.). This was mostly an excuse for me to play around with KDE, QT and KDevelop.
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