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Quicksilver Weather Plugin Update

Posted 2004 Dec 06
In the wake of news regarding the NOAA’s new XML feeds, I’ve updated my Quicksilver plugin. It now uses XML, instead of the clunky, but adorable, METAR format. Since the data is SO easy to parse (thanks, Cocoa!), I was able to quickly add support for all of the data. Currently, I have Quicksilver commands to display the following:
  • Weather – provides a summary of current conditions, including Last Updated time
  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Humidity
  • Winds
  • Visibility
There’s plenty more data, but I’m not sure of how much interest it would be. Easy to add, though. Up next: forecasts via SOAP!

Download: [MYWeatherPlugin.qspkg]

Updated: Note that the new XML data is only for the US. So, I’m going to re-enable the METAR data and include a “Revert to METAR” option.

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2005 Feb 23 at 20:02

this plugin is great and is very helpful for tracking if there is enough wind for me to go sailing.

however, there is a data buoy that I can’t check, wpow1, if anyone knows how to make this work, that would be great!

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