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Quicksilver Weather Plugin, version 0.3

Posted 2004 Dec 10

OK. I have made lots of internal changes and fixes in my Quicksilver Weather Plugin. And, barring any major bugs, I hope that this will be it for awhile…

The main difference is that I’ve re-enabled and expanded support for METAR data. So, if your weather station has XML, great. If not, the plugin will automatically fall back to METAR, parsing as much as is available. Still, the XML is going to have more. METAR is pretty fragile and there are tons of exception cases. I also removed the option to set a cache expiry. The NOAA says one hour, so that is what it will be.

You will definitely have to relaunch QS to get the changes to take effect. You will likely have to rescan the catalog entry for “Modules” -> “Current Conditions and Forecast”. To verify, select the plugin in the Catalog page and hit the little “(i)” at the bottom. When the drawer expands, you should see checked entries for: Dew Point, Humidity, Temperature, Visibility, Weather and Winds.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. I’m going to focus on some other projects (namely my blog’s UI and layout), then I will tackle the SOAP forecast interface. Now, without further ado:


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