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Posted 2004 Dec 11

I’m a long-time Firefox user (heck, since it was Phoenix). I even wrote some extensions [Looks like both of these are woefully out-of-date and incompatible. I’ve added them to my TODO – Ed.] So, with the 1.0 release of Thunderbird (the Mozilla family email client), my interest was piqued. For the longest time, I used webmail (Yahoo! and GMail) for my personal mail and Evolution at work (which, by the way, has excellent Exchange integration). But, recently I’ve been using and found it perfectly usable. Like most, if not all, of Apple’s applications, it is very well integrated! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Thunderbird. Version 1.0 lacks Address Book integration, automatic spell-checking, etc. Thunderbird’s bells-and-whistles just won’t do it for me… I already have an RSS Reader. I was going to commit to trying Thunderbird exclusively for a week, but, I’m afraid I may hold off until a later version. By the way, I do these switches all the time: KDE to Gnome, Firefox to Safari to Camino. So, maybe next time, Thunderbird.

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