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Posted 2004 Dec 13
I’m back to considering which RSS Reader I’m going to use. I’ve been using NewsFire happily for quite some time, but it lacks two simple features I need:
  1. Ability to mark a single entry as Unread. Often I will skim short posts, then go back to read longer posts once my initial scan is over. Unfortunately, with NewsFire, once I’ve viewed a post, there is no way to reset it to Unread. Although, in a recent version the ability to “flag” a message has been added. Still, I want to see that I have unread messages, not flagged ones—two different meanings.
  2. Hover feedback over URLs. I’d like to know where I’m going! That one should be a gimme.

So, I am going to try NetNewsWire for one week. See, I told you I do Switches all the time…

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2004 Dec 13 at 16:00

Have you tried Optimal Desktop? You can color code all your headlines into 4 categories (current, new, old, important). The unread items are bold and read items are normal. You can mark headlines as important. You can also aggreagte your favorite headlines from different feeds into a new folder, add your own URL’s and publish the results as a new feed.

Take a look at this demo to see how it works.

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