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Music Notes

Posted 2004 Dec 21

Just a couple random music notes:

  • My favorite, The Decemberists, have just added a forum to their site. Very nice! They already had a blog—so savvy! The forums are great: already found some good live photos.
  • The Morning News just posted their Top 10 Albums of 2004. It’s always worth a look; I’m still enjoying many of their entries on the 2003 list.
  • I know I mentioned it in passing before, but the Sonoma Aero EP is really worth checking out.
  • Looks like Pitchfork is kicking off a week of Top Everythings starting with Top 50 Best Reissues, followed by Top 50 Singles and Top 50 Albums. Definitely worth checking out! On a side note, when will Pitchfork give us RSS feeds? I know there are “unofficial” ones, but how about the real deal? My guess is that their issue is advertisements… but, hey, I’d tolerate ads in an RSS feed for you, Pitchfork. Please? For Christmas? Think about the Children.

p.s. I am so sorry about the pun.

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