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Cocoa Textile

Posted 2004 Dec 30

CocoaTextile is a simple text editor for the Mac that will convert plain-text to an XHTML fragment using either the Textile or Markdown engine. I know the name is a little misleading, but I had originally intended only to support Textile, until I realized it would only take minimal effort to support Markdown as well…

Anyway, this is Not Another Weblog Editor. It is intended to be a helpful tool for anyone - like myself - who uses Textile or Markdown, but also wants to see a preview without reloading their browser. Since CocoaTextile uses Cocoa’s text view component, all of the standard editing features are included “for free”. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spell Checking
  • Multi-level undo
  • Drag & Drop

In the future, I’d like to override some of the built-in features to use the corresponding Textile or Markdown tag (e.g. selecting the Italic menu item would surround text with underscores). Also, since the preview pane uses WebKit, I plan on adding support for CSS. Documents can be saved as plaintext or HTML.

This humble project is great fun. I am continually impressed by the power and depth of Cocoa.

Download: CocoaTextile-0.01.dmg

The obligatory screenshot.

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