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Posted 2005 Jan 19

I think I can characterize myself as a “Late Discoverer, Early Adopter”—because I’m just now discovering Bloglines. As I added more and more feeds to my RSS reader, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with synchronization across computers. It’s a pain, frankly, to have to repeatedly sort through which posts are new, old or updated.

Bloglines is great. I have yet to find anything about the interface that I don’t like. I can even mark an item as Unread—unlike Newsfire. For which, by the way, I recently downloaded the update. It’s a shame there are still a couple of usability issues (for me) because it’s the finest looking RSS reader out there.

Anyway, I’m still playing with Bloglines. I’ve already developed a Bloglines AIM notification bot using Twisted. I know there’s already a notification bot… but it’s in Java! You can never have too many bots. I’ll post it once I’ve done mulit-user testing.

The Bloglines API is open, excellent and could be part of the next Killer App. In particular, I’m hoping NetNewsWire gets synchronization working as promised!

Responses to "Bloglines"

Brent Simmons

2005 Jan 19 at 04:40

The next beta of NetNewsWire 2.0 will include Bloglines integration. It’s already in private testing, so it shouldn’t be too long before we release it publicly.

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