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Posted 2005 Jan 21

J2ME development on the Mac is sorely lacking. This O’Reilly article noted one of the few J2ME gems for Mac developers: Michael Powers. Michael provides (I think) the only MIDP 2.0 runtime for the Mac, mpowerplayer. I used DR2 successfully, but it looks like DR3 is out and has many improvements!

Also helpful for Mac J2ME programmers:

  • MIDP 1.0 for the Mac, also by Michael Powers.
  • Antenna is a set of tasks for Ant and will work on the Mac with some tweaking. I have uploaded my build.xml with a good, general-purpose configuration. It will run with both mpowerplayer and Michael Power’s MIDP 1.0 implementation.
  • Do It Yourself MIDP on Mac OS X: the introduction by Michael referenced in the O’Reilly article.

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