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Home Sync ?

Posted 2005 Feb 01

I was just looking back through some Apple Insider news when I noticed this article about one of the latest Tiger builds.

One such feature is reportedly called “Home Sync.” While little is known about the feature, a short description present from within the operating system says that Home Sync requires a ‘portable home’ folder. To create a ‘mobile account and portable home,’ Tiger then directs users to the system account preferences where an option to create and configure a mobile account should be present, but is not.

Oh, I’m intrigued! I know that Sync is going to be a big part of Tiger and that the API will be opened-up. Could this lead to some cross-platform, portable-home lovin’? That would be excellent. Oh, how I wish I was an ADC seed member and could get my hands on a Tiger build… I’ve got some Dashboard ideas and now this!

Also of note: the inclusion of a Dictionary/Thesaurus called “Dictionary”.

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