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Posted 2005 Apr 28
These are my URL ABCs:

A is for – Since I signed up for Amazon Prime, my Amazon habit is outta control!

B is for – Bloglines is the Killer App

C is for – Looking for Shadowfist cards… cough nerd cough

D is for – zeitgeist

E is for – ... buying Shadowfist cards…

F is for,,FOOD_9936_28928,00.html – Mmm. Wedding Soup.

G is for – Best. Webmail. Ever.

H is for – because PCGen is horrible

I is for – because there really are games for the Mac

J is for 2000?

K is for – Still using Gnome

L is for – One of my favorite music blogs

M is for – Portal

N is for – Fresh Air interviews are the best and this is a good one.

O is for – Technology Central

P is for – ... paying for Shadowfist cards… Dork.

Q is for – Web comic.

R is for – Free Weather Data for the Masses!

S is for – Surprise, surprise

T is for – just ordered “Monsters Menace America”. This one is gonna be fun.

U is for – Where’s “MMA”?

V is for – via defective yeti :)

W is for – Is it Spring yet?

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