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Posted 2005 Aug 19

I was talking about Wikis with someone the other day and decided I’d set one up to demonstrate their power and ease-of-use. I’ve used MoinMoin before, but I was looking for something much simpler. I wanted to use Instiki because of my on-going infatuation with Ruby. However, my hosting provider doesn’t have a very up-to-date version of Ruby and Instiki doesn’t appear to integrate with Apache (as opposed to running standalone).

I was looking for a couple of things: easy setup, no database and (hopefully) Textile support. I found PmWiki a PHP wiki that meets all my criteria except Textile support. It couldn’t be easier to setup and comes with a very straightforward Theme configuration. So far, it appears to be very robust and featureful. I certainly recommend it!

As it stands, there isn’t much on the wiki ; just some notes about a MUD book I’m reading. Another infatuation…

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