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NextImage Updated

Posted 2005 Sep 14

I have updated my Firefox extension Next Image for Firefox 1.5 beta. I also added an update.rdf file so that updates will be available automatically.

Responses to "NextImage Updated"


2005 Sep 23 at 14:35

i had actually just made some changes to NextImage, and been about to submit them to you. i haven’t installed the 1.5beta yet, so i can’t take a look at the moment to see if your changes match mine; what updates did you make?


2005 Sep 24 at 12:12

All I did was change the manifest files to support 1.5—no functional changes. Send me your changes and I’ll incorporate them!


2005 Sep 25 at 00:36

couldn’t find your email anywhere, so i just uploaded my changes to mysite. i nabbed the code i based the changes on from another extension, though i’ve forgotten which one at this point.


2005 Sep 25 at 00:42

comment form stripped the url out of my last post; link is as follows:


2005 Oct 14 at 14:02

Did you remove the tool bar icons? I LOVED those prev, next, return, slideshow buttons.

Patrick Duff

2006 Feb 02 at 10:34

I’d like the tool bar icons added back in please.

agent s.

2006 Apr 14 at 11:50

hey guyz, nextimage don’t working with the new firefox :(


2006 Apr 14 at 16:38

Updated for! I’d fixed the versioning for another extension, but forgot to update nextimage. Should be OK for 1.5.0.*

Patrick Duff

2006 Apr 19 at 17:29

[For more background on the reason for this suggestion, please check your Y email for a message from me with the subject “Security Hole”.]

Suggestions for the next release:

(1) Disable the shift-left-arrow and shift-right-arrow URL decrement/increment feature when the cursor is focused on a text-input field, so these keys will highlight text for copying or deleting like normal. For example, if I wanted to copy or delete the previous few or next few characters and typed shift-left-arrow or shift-right-arrow to highlight them right now, instead I would lose everything I’ve typed into this text box so far, and I’d have to re-type all of it!

(2) Make shift-up-arrow truncate the URL after the right-most ”/” and reload, i.e. display the parent directory. Doing this repeatedly will eventually get you to the root, e.g. . (This too should be disabled when in a text-input box.)


2006 Apr 21 at 17:12

Those are both good suggestions. I will bear them in mind for upcoming releases. Thanks!

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