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Chucho MUD

Posted 2005 Oct 29

ChuchoMUD is a new MUD written in Ruby.

Chucho MUD is my foray into Game programming and Ruby. The basis for my MUD came from Ron Penton’s MUD Game Programming book.

My main goal is to create a flexible, extensible Ruby-based MUD that is easy to use and adapt to any genre. I endeavored to separate engine code from game logic using the “logic module” system. I’m also using Meta-Programming to create an intuitive domain-specific language (in this case the domain is MUDs!) to relieve content developers from as many “programming” tasks as possible.

All that being said, Chucho MUD is definitely a Work In Progress.

All of the source code for Chucho MUD is hosted as a Google Code project.
  • Chucho MUD Project Home
  • Browsable Subversion Repository
  • To checkout the latest version:

svn checkout chuchomud

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