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Introducing ChuchoMUD: A Ruby MUD

Posted 2005 Oct 29

Queue fanfare!

Please meet my latest obsession: ChuchoMUD a MUD written in the wonderful, amazing Ruby programming language.

The goals of ChuchoMUD are as follows:
  1. To be genre-independent
  2. To be extensible and adaptable
  3. To be written in Ruby
  4. To be awesome

I’ve been working tirelessly on ChuchoMUD for over a month-and-a-half. It was hard to just pause and actually upload the code—I kept wanting to add features. It’s still pretty barebones, though. No combat, for example.

ChuchoMUD is based off BetterMUD from Ron Penton’s MUD Game Programming book. It facilitates a very flexible system by encoding a minimal engine, then delegate most of the “game” logic to separate “logic modules”. The modules intercept queries and communicate via messages. Ruby is great for this stuff.

I also used meta-programming to create a domain-specific language for content creators. It lets you do some pretty cool stuff while ignoring the plumbing. I’ll post more about that soon.

Right now, I’ll just be uploading tarballs until I can get by Subversion repository online. In addition to being my first real foray into Ruby programming and MUD development, it’s also my first big project using Subversion. I have lots of experience with both CVS and VSS. Subversion leaves them all in dust!

I should also acknowledge Teensy MUD another Ruby MUD. My networking code experience is thin, so I decided to stand on the shoulders of giants. In this case, that means I incorporated the Teensy MUD networking core directly into my MUD!

Anyway, without further ado:

Download: chuchomud.tar.gz

For more info: Project Page

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2006 Feb 27 at 01:17

Neat. I’m looking at a lot of options for programming a mud in ruby, for a massive d20 mud project I have in mind. It’s all still very tentative, but I’ll be watching chuchomud’s progress and will be considering it as a possible base.

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