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When did Yahoo get so cool?

Posted 2006 Feb 15

I have to say: I’m really impressed with Yahoo! lately. I have used a personalized My Yahoo! for the longest time, but have never really thought of Yahoo as “cool”. First, my encounter with the Yahoo Maps API, then their new ajaxalicious UI library and now a tweaked-out My Yahoo!

The new My Yahoo! has site-specific mini-icons in each of the content bars—which I great because I collate feeds from Reuters, AP,, and others. Besides being drag-and-drop capable, the context boxes also show a mini preview in a tooltip.

I also want to thank Yahoo for adding “Submits over SSL” to the mail login… That saves me like 10,000 clicks over the course of a year ;)

My Yahoo! is the “dashboard” that Dashboard can only hope to be: it’s open, powerful, portable and - now - sexy!

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