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Chucho MUD: Now dependency-free!

Posted 2006 Nov 11

I’ve updated Chucho MUD to remove the dependency on Teensy MUD. I doubt my network code is as robust, but I’m glad to be rid of the dependency. Still, I owe Teensy MUD a lot for inspiration!

Also, I’ve started adding preliminary ERB support for descriptions (and, eventually, all output). Using ERB has even allowed some “markup”, e.g.

You see a < % red do %>red< % end %> flag.
All ERB parsing occurs in the Reporter—right before it’s sent to the client. Another example:

desc = %{\\
You are in the <>. You see < %= room.items.join(', ') %>. 
I’ll be adding more (consistent) support soon.

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2007 Aug 01 at 21:26

On OS X I get this (can’t log in)....

---------------- Welcome to Chucho MUD

0 – Quit 1 – Enter Game 2 – Create New Character 3 – Delete Existing Character 4 – Help

Choice: 1 Choice:

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