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Ending support for Next Image

Posted 2011 Feb 10

As of today, I am no longer maintaining or supporting the Next Image extension for Firefox.

I don’t use Firefox anymore and, honestly, it’s just too much effort supporting a Firefox extension. Also, most of the functionality in this extension can be accomplished with a bookmarklet.

I have posted the code on github for anyone who is interested in reviving this project. However, most of the effort is administrative. Thanks to everyone who used and reviewed Next Image. Hopefully you will find an acceptable alternative.

Update Here’s a bookmarklet that works well as a Previous button.

Responses to "Ending support for Next Image"

Captain Infinity

2011 Apr 19 at 08:20

I have used your extension for a long time and have always appreciated it. Your suggestion of a “bookmarklet” is interesting, as I had never heard of them before. After doing some research I saved the example you provided to my toolbar, and it works great for the “next” number. One question, though…what do I need to edit in the code to get it to function for “previous” number. Thanks for your help, and thanks for “Next Image”.

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