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Weather Plugin Fixed

Posted 2005 Jan 10

After wrestling with dynamically loaded code all day, I have finally fixed the Weather Plugin.

Basically, the problem had something to do with the way the NOAA webservers were responding to the request to download the XML. If I used Cocoa’s built-in initWithContentsOfURL, I got back junk. Downloading by any other method was fine. So, I swapped in the multi-talented CURL wrapper, CURLHandle. However, I wanted to include this framework directly in the plugin so as to obviate the need for downloading CURLHandle separately. Needless to say, getting a framework to dynamically load inside a plugin proved to be difficult for this novice Cocoa programmer. But, with some help from the QS community and some time on CocoaDev, I was able to get it working.

The final trick was to not link against the framework, but still include it in the plugin bundle. You can downloaded the latest version here: MYWeatherPlugin-0.5.qspkg.

Responses to "Weather Plugin Fixed"


2005 Jan 12 at 05:15

I’m being a pain (sorry), but how do I check the weather with it. That’s what I originally meant. :) Thx.


2005 Jan 12 at 12:06

Not a pain at all. First, be sure to (re)install the latest version. Next, invoke Quicksilver and start typing “Weather”. Once you see the “Weather” action, select “Run”. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.


2005 Jan 16 at 23:20

I reinstalled the latest version, just in case. No go—it doesn’t show at all. Just WeatherPop (4 times) and a link to Is there some information I can send you that would be helpful for troubleshooting? I did input my local weather station (KDVT). Should “Use Helper” be unchecked? Thanks man…I appreciate your patience with me.


2005 Jan 10 at 06:50

The Weather plug-in looks like it would be, pardon the pun, totally cool…but I have no idea how to use it. I tried activating QuickSilver then starting typing “weather.” Nothing. Tried “temperature, dew point, winds,” etc. I guess I’m a caveman.

Thanks for any help.


2005 Jan 10 at 13:47

Try going to the QuickSilver pref pane, then “Catalog” -> “Modules” -> “Current Conditions and Forecast” and hitting the little “Rescan Source” button at the bottom to rescan the catalog.


2005 Apr 12 at 19:22

I’m also having trouble with my weather station (KMSN). Running Weather, Dew Point, Humidity, etc. does nothing at all.

One odd thing I’ve noticed is that in “Catalog->Current Conditions and Forecast->Contents” Weather is listed 6 times and nothing else. If I hit Rescan Source those 6 change to Dew Point, Humidity, etc. If I then quit and restart QS the catalog reverts back to having Weather listed 6 times, and the other options won’t be available until I rescan it.

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