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Ending support for Next Image

Posted 2011 Feb 10

As of today, I am no longer maintaining or supporting the Next Image extension for Firefox.

I don’t use Firefox anymore and, honestly, it’s just too much effort supporting a Firefox extension. Also, most of the functionality in this extension can be accomplished with a bookmarklet.

I have posted the code on github for anyone who is interested in reviving this project. However, most of the effort is administrative. Thanks to everyone who used and reviewed Next Image. Hopefully you will find an acceptable alternative.

Update Here’s a bookmarklet that works well as a Previous button.

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Next Image Updated for Firefox 3.5

Posted 2009 Jul 09

Ready for Firefox 3.5:

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Next Image Firefox 3.5 Update Coming Soon

Posted 2009 Jul 09

Submitted to MDC, awaiting approval.

Next Image

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Infinite Summer Reading Progress Tracker

Posted 2009 Jun 19

I’m reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest this summer as part of Infinite Summer.

Since I love Google App Engine so much, I figured it would be fun to write a little app for tracking my progress in reading all 981 pages of IJ. Since Infinite Summer is a group effort, I’d also like to know who is ahead and who is behind.

So, check out the Infinite Summer Reading Progress Tracker. Because it runs on Google App Engine, you can login with any valid Google account.

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JSON (and JSON-P) Weather Alerts

Posted 2008 Nov 11

Inspired by Simon Willison’s JSON micro-apps: json-time, json-head, and json-tinyurl, I created another Google App Engine powered site that produces Weather Alert information as JSON and JSON-P.

Given a common place name (e.g. city, state or county name) or ZIP code, the current weather alerts for that zone will be returned along with location and timezone information. Place names are mapped to a county and timezone using the Yahoo! GeoPlanet web service. Weather alerts are provided by the NOAA’s state-by-state CAP feed.

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Next Image with configurable bindings

Posted 2008 Oct 14

Next Image has been updated to a new version with configurable key bindings. It is now available via the official Firefox add-on site.

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The correct way to override ActiveRecord::Base#destroy

Posted 2008 Sep 30

In order to correctly override #destroy in an ActiveRecord model, you actually need to implement #destroy_without_callbacks like so:

def destroy_without_callbacks
  unless new_record?
    # do your custom stuff here, then save

Simply implementing #destroy will short-circuit the callback chain and skip the destroy method on any associations marked :dependent => :destroy.

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Times Tables

Posted 2008 Aug 23

To help my daughter practice multiplication and to experiment with Google App Engine, I created a small app for doing your times tables.

I’m pretty impressed with GAE. It’s very easy to use, the Mac App Launcher is helpful and the online Dashboard is well done. I especially like the ability to upload and stage multiple versions.

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Next Image on AMO

Posted 2008 Jun 24

I’ve started the process of having Next Image hosted on the official Mozilla Add-ons site. Once it receives enough ratings, it can be nominated for the public site.

Please rate or review Next Image via it’s sandbox page:

Next Image :: Firefox Add-ons

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Next Image Updated for Firefox 3

Posted 2008 Jun 23

I’m in the process of updating my extensions to support Firefox 3. Unfortunately, there were some significant changes in how extensions can be served. So, at this point, only my Next Image plugin is working. Also, it might not show up via the Add-ons manager “Find Update”, so please install it directly.

Project Page:

Direct Link:

Updated – My second extension, This Window, is now up-to-date and available, too.

Project Page:

Direct Link:

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