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Chucho MUD

Posted 2005 Oct 29

ChuchoMUD is a new MUD written in Ruby.

Chucho MUD is my foray into Game programming and Ruby. The basis for my MUD came from Ron Penton’s MUD Game Programming book.

My main goal is to create a flexible, extensible Ruby-based MUD that is easy to use and adapt to any genre. I endeavored to separate engine code from game logic using the “logic module” system. I’m also using Meta-Programming to create an intuitive domain-specific language (in this case the domain is MUDs!) to relieve content developers from as many “programming” tasks as possible.

All that being said, Chucho MUD is definitely a Work In Progress.

All of the source code for Chucho MUD is hosted as a Google Code project.
  • Chucho MUD Project Home
  • Browsable Subversion Repository
  • To checkout the latest version:

svn checkout chuchomud

More Info: See all posts related to ChuchoMUD.

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Posted 2005 Oct 26

I upgraded WordPress, reorganized my server setup and installed a couple of plugins in an attempt to stem the tide of spam. We’ll see how it goes…

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What the flock?

Posted 2005 Oct 22

I downloaded and am trying Flock, the latest browsing craze(?) This post is from “inside” Flock! Clever. Right now, I’m just checking stuff out—we’ll see how it goes.

Update: well, I certainly found the cool feature in Flock: the Favorites manager. It’s very slick and integrates (both ways) with

Ooh. I also like the Shelf, which is like a fancy clipboard. Though, you can’t drag a favicon from the address bar…

Update: OK. Five minute review: meh, I’m more interested in the latest Opera beta...

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Signs of Autumn

Posted 2005 Oct 19
  • Halloween decorations: check
  • Soccer: check
  • Falling leaves: check
  • 90° temperatures: wtf?
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SQL Starts with Alpha

Posted 2005 Oct 12
Using SQL (and Oracle), is there an easier way to see if a string (VARCHAR) starts with an alpha?
select id, value
from parameters
where lower(substr(value,0,1)) between 'a' and 'z'

I know that Oracle 10 supports regular expressions, but I’m using Oracle 9.

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Testing Revelation

Posted 2005 Oct 11

I’ll admit it: I’ve come late to the unit-testing party. I finally broke down and wrote a unit test because I had a section of code where the logic seemed fragile and liable to break with the more business logic I applied to it.

Once I realized how easy (and rewarding) unit testing was, I was immediately hooked. I refactored some code and setup unit tests (these things, by the way, go hand-in-hand) and never looked back.

However, it wasn’t until later that I had my revelation: unit testing isn’t about testing; it’s about development. Now I write a test before I write my code. I get two things from this: one, I really have to think about what I’m doing and what I mean. Two, I get immediate feedback: this code works. I don’t have to wait until runtime (or walk through the whole app) to find out if my code does what I want.

Like I said, I’m late to the party, but I’m oh-so-glad to be here.

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Posted 2005 Oct 07

I am totally in-love with ProFont. I’ve been using it on my Mac and now I have installed it on my Windows laptop. I also set up PuTTY as my Cygwin terminal using this patch.

ProFont + Putty + Cygwin = I almost don’t hate it! (Though, it’s still no Konsole)

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Font Finagler

Posted 2005 Oct 05

Just wanted to give Mad Props to Font Finagler for doing one thing and doing it well; namely fixing my corrupted Font Cache. Plus also: the name is hilarious.

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I Knew It!

Posted 2005 Sep 28

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I smelled fiction from a mile away! I just figured I was either the first or the last to notice…

Update: I won this morning’s inaugural contest!

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Jakarta Commons

Posted 2005 Sep 23

Sometimes I think Jakarta Commons is Java’s only saving grace. Every time I do something, I check the myriad offerings of commons for an existing implementation… email (finally), file upload, command line options, etc.

It goes without saying, however, that Lang is #1. Not only does it obviate a bunch of your plumbing code, but it implements a consistent interface… and it’s NPE-tolerant!

Lang is Java done right. Everyday I find something new that I like! Use it now.

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