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Next Image with configurable bindings

Posted 2008 Oct 14

Next Image has been updated to a new version with configurable key bindings. It is now available via the official Firefox add-on site.

Responses to "Next Image with configurable bindings"


2008 Oct 21 at 10:23

This is a sample comment, testing mod_rails.


2009 Jul 08 at 13:26

But… how it works? I like Alt+MouseWheelUp/Dow :P


2009 Jul 09 at 11:42

Unfortunately, the extensions doesn’t support the mouse-wheel (unless you can map it to a key or something).

To configure the keybindings, just go to Tools > Add-ons, then click the Preferences button under the Next Image extension.


2009 Nov 26 at 13:44

I dont understand the keybindings.
You need clearer instructions.
it just says: shift+alt, shift, control, cmd …

but how do we use these to see the next image?

say i set it to shift … do i just hit shift and it should change the image? … because that doesnt seem to work for me.


2009 Nov 30 at 10:52

You can use the key modifier plus the left/right arrow keys to navigate back and forth through a list of images.


2010 Jan 09 at 19:33

In that case, the add on should be updated with these instructions on the dialogue where we make this selection.

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