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Infinite Summer Reading Progress Tracker

Posted 2009 Jun 19

I’m reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest this summer as part of Infinite Summer.

Since I love Google App Engine so much, I figured it would be fun to write a little app for tracking my progress in reading all 981 pages of IJ. Since Infinite Summer is a group effort, I’d also like to know who is ahead and who is behind.

So, check out the Infinite Summer Reading Progress Tracker. Because it runs on Google App Engine, you can login with any valid Google account.

Responses to "Infinite Summer Reading Progress Tracker"


2009 Jun 19 at 01:32

Very cool! What would be fun is if there was a way to have a badge for your site showing your progress.

So says the guy who can barely spell python :-P


2009 Jun 19 at 16:34

This is super great. Thank you for building it and sharing it.


2009 Jun 20 at 14:00

@miklb That’s not a bad idea…

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