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Forecasts Coming Soon!

Posted 2005 Mar 14

Forecasts should be coming soon to the Quicksilver Weather Plugin.

What I really wanted to do was use XSLT to reformat the weather data, but there just wasn’t a feasible implementation. libxslt support exists, but dynamically loading it from a Framework proved extremely difficult (if not impossible). I’d completely given up - hoping that Tiger will have better XML support - until I read that Sherlock has a built-in XQuery engine!

Unfortunately, the data it returns is not toll-free bridged to native Cocoa types, but my requirements aren’t too complex. In fact, I’m really just returning a block of text wrapped in place-holder tags. The biggest hurdle has been learning XQuery! It’s not particularly difficult and studying it (and XSLT) has certainly opened my eyes to better ways of dealing with XML.

All that being said, I’ve got XQuery working and the data formatted, I just need to start integrating it into my plugin. Hopefully, I’ll have something to test soon!

Responses to "Forecasts Coming Soon!"


2007 Sep 06 at 18:18

Stupid question – how do I get the weather app to work/ activate/ initialize or start it?


2007 Sep 07 at 15:10

This is app is a plugin for Quicksilver. You’ll need to install Quicksilver, then install the plugin, then you can get the forecast using the Forecast action. Does that answer your question?

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