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Quicksilver Weather Plugin Updated

Posted 2005 Nov 09

Looks like my Weather plugin for Quicksilver was incompatible with QS beta44. I’ve reworked it and renamed it to QSWeatherPlugin because the old version still works with pre-beta44 versions of Quicksilver.

Since beta44 requires Tiger, I was able to exploit some the latest XML improvements. Namely, built-in support for XQuery. No longer do I need to do the sort of hackery I was performing to make this work.

Even more exciting is that the Weather plugin works seamlessly with the Growl plugin! Just make sure you check “Use Helper” in the Weather plugin preference pane and have your observations and forecasts displayed via one of the many Growl notifications!

I can set the icon in the notifications, so I’m going to try grabbing the current condition icon. But, in the meantime, download the beta>

Download: QSWeatherPlugin-beta.qspkg

Responses to "Quicksilver Weather Plugin Updated"


2006 Feb 23 at 16:15

I have been trying and trying to get this plug in to work and I get nothing. I’m using b36 Quicksilver, your old plug in and the latest Growl. I type “weather” into quicksilver and “run” it. Quicksilver tries to connect to the internet, but then it just locks up. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.


2006 Feb 27 at 15:20

Which weather station did you enter in the Preferences?


2007 Apr 01 at 08:09

I’ve the same problem. Using KNKX, (Miramar, San Diego). I know it works (use it for my wp blog)...

Ah well?

site admin

2007 Apr 03 at 18:16

Can you check “console” for error messages? I was able to use KNKX without issue.


2007 Jul 31 at 23:07

2007-07-31 17:52:47.218 Quicksilver953 Downloading XML from … 2007-07-31 17:52:47.457 Quicksilver953 * -[NSCFString temperatureString]: selector not recognized [self = 0xa27d32f0] 2007-07-31 17:52:47.484 Quicksilver953 * -[NSCFString temperatureString]: selector not recognized [self = 0xa27d32f0]

this is a test build from i believe alcor’s infogami site.

it is a really good plugin it has just been dead for too long. please fix it for intel macs!


2007 Aug 12 at 18:43

Currently, the plugin doesn’t appear to be working. EIther the NOAA data has changed or my plugin has become incompatible. Also, it isn’t a Universal Binary.

Right now, I’m downloading the latest version of XCode and hope to have the plugin working again ASAP. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks.


2007 Sep 22 at 07:41

I’ve been checking for the latest version for quite a while.

Really looking forward to seeing it work on my intel mac.

Thank you!


2007 Sep 27 at 16:53

It looks like the NOAA data has changed. The data from KGRR is instead of .

Would you be willing to open the source for QSWeatherPlugin?



2007 Sep 27 at 16:54

er, it ate the tags… KGRR says temperature_string instead of temperatureString.

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