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Growl Plugin for Firefox Updated

Posted 2007 Apr 29

I’ve updated my Growl plugin for Firefox to remove the dependency on “growlnotify”. I submitted an update for the Official Mozilla page.

Download from

Responses to "Growl Plugin for Firefox Updated"


2007 Aug 16 at 20:18

Hi. I’d problems with the Growl add-on for Firefox v0.5 which I downloaded a few hours ago. This add-on wants to start /usr/local/bin/growlnotify, but my growl 0.7.6 lives in /usr/bin. Sure it was no problem to symlink from the one to the other, but you should mention to not let the users have to. Kind regards, Bernd


2007 Aug 21 at 20:42

The updated version of the plugin removes the dependency on growlnotify. Hope that helps.

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